PDF Expert for iPad Review

PDF Expert Review

In an increasingly paperless environment, PDF files are starting to replace the traditional printed documents that used to fill law firms. With the potential benefits of going digital also come new challenges, as taking control of several versions of related digital files can become a daunting task. Fortunately, annotation apps like PDF Expert provide a more efficient way to review texts, sign documents and work with your team.


Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts video meeting

Google Hangouts is essentially Google’s response to Skype. The free service is available for set up if you have a Google Plus profile. With Hangouts, you can conduct video meetings with one or multiple users. You can share computer screens with Hangout participants. You can even live stream the conference and save it to YouTube. Here's a look at Google Hangouts and how it stacks up against Skype.


When Your Email Manager Goes Down

Email client down

A few weeks ago, errors were detected in a file and I needed to run an inbox repair tool. Unfortunately, the repair tool was difficult to find. In the interim, I still needed to respond to work emails. My firm email is through Go Daddy and I could log into Web mail to review my emails. I could also retrieve my emails using my Samsung Galaxy SIII and on my iPad. But I was having a hard time organizing the incoming messages. That’s when I decided to use Gmail as a temporary fix.

iPad models compared

After the recent release of the 4th generation iPad and the discontinuation of the “new iPad,” it is easy to get lost among all the different iPad models. In this article, we put the key differences between every iPad version in a useful chart, and answer frequent questions about what are the official names of each iPad, what are their most important improvements and whether they are worth upgrading your old tablets or not.

Organizational apps for lawyers

To balance the demands of a busy practice and active personal life, it takes organization. These three free smartphone apps can help keep you at work, at home or while traveling.


Making Time to Write

Making time to write with pomodoro

Lawyers spend a lot of time writing, Briefs, memos, pleadings and even blog posts all vie for time and attention. The challenge for most attorneys is blocking out the focused, uninterrupted space during the day needed to get the work done. Focus booster, a free productivity app for the PC, is a simple yet effective tool based on the Pomodoro Technique that can help you make time to write.

Is public WiFi safe?

Data privacy and client confidenciality are a key part of the law practice. But how do these security concerns translate to the Internet? Are we really protected when using public WiFi networks? Read more to learn some basic WiFi usage tips and improve your security in these public environments.


App Friday: Rob Sullivan

Attorney Rob Sullivan

In today’s App Friday round, Rob Sullivan — a Kansas City personal lawyer who is also the principal writer and editor of Lawyerology.com — shares an app that allows him to clip emails, write notes and access the information across devices and an app that allows him to use his smart phone or iPad to find nearby businesses.


App Friday: K. Nykoel Dinardo

Attorney K. Nykoel Dinardo

In today’s App Friday round, K. Nykoel Dinardo — an attorney and program planner at the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education — shares an app that allows her to scan business cards and an app for keeping track of her finances and tracking her budget goals.


Fastcase for Android

Fastcase announced for Android

While the iPhone may be the most popular smartphone among lawyers, Android use is growing. Recognizing the rising popularity of the platform, Fastcase recently released an Android version of its legal research app in the Google Play Store.

Windows Speech Recognition review

Did you know that Windows 7 comes with built-in speech recognition functions by default? With no extra costs, Windows Speech Recognition is definitely worth a try as a productivity tool. Keep reading to find out how you can use these speech recognition features to issue voice commands to your computer, launch applications and dictate texts - and how this free bundled app compares to other standalone, professional speech recognition software.