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Cathy Ribble Litigation Paralegal

Cathy L. Ribble is a litigation paralegal with 15 years of experience. After having completed the two-day comprehensive exam sponsored by the National Association of Legal Assistants to achieve certification, Ribble is currently working on Advanced Certified Paralegal status in the area of trial practice.

In 2009, Ribble established Digital Paralegal Services, a virtual alternative for lawyers who need paralegal support. She offers a wide range of services including case administration, investigation and research, pleading drafts, discovery assistance and trial preparation. The Digital Paralegal Services website and blog contain a number of resources for lawyers interested in outsourcing paralegal work.

This week, Ribble, who tweets from @DigiParalegal, shares some of her favorite iPhone apps with Lawyer Tech Review. (Clickable affiliate links.)



App for work

Dropbox is a valuable tool for Ribble’s paralegal practice. The file hosting service app allows Ribble to share folders between her laptop, desktop and iPhone. She says, “The time spent emailing files has been greatly reduced, and files are backed up in the cloud.”

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The free Dropbox account comes with 2GB of space. Additional space is available for a monthly fee. For more information on Dropbox, read “Dropbox Review for Lawyers.”

App for fun

“I love to read,” Ribble says. She uses a Nook device but when it isn’t with her, she can access her current reading material on her iPhone using her free Nook app.

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