The Favorite Apps of Donna Seyle

Donna Seyle in App Friday

Donna Seyle is a lawyer and the founder of Law Practice Strategy, a firm that serves as a resource and offers coaching and training to lawyers who are starting their own practices or wish to take existing firms into the 21st century. Law Practice Strategy helps lawyers adopt virtual law office platforms, implement project management strategies for streamlining practices and use blogging and social media to promote their practice.

Seyle, a blogger, is also active on Twitter. Her insights on the future of law and technology reviews are shared on her Law Practice Strategy blog and @donnaseyle.

In this week’s App Friday, Seyle highlights some of her favorite apps for her BlackBerry, though, she says, she will soon be transitioning to an Android.


BlackBerry Curve

Apps for work

Befitting a lawyer who helps firms adopt management best practices and bring greater efficiency to the office through the use of technology, Seyle’s must-have apps make project management efficient and research organized.

Evernote is where Seyle stores all of her online research. Organized in folders, it functions as a research library on her computer. It also has a mobile app. “When I need to get information on, or blog about, a particular topic, all my research is there,” Seyle says — on the computer, on her phone and on the Web. Because Evernote comes with a clipping extension on her taskbar, she can easily select a Web page, text, photo or screenshot and have it sent to the app by simply clicking on the icon. Evernote offers both a free version and a premium version, which costs $5 per month.

Nozbe is a personal project management app that allows Seyle to create projects and tasks, give them calendar deadlines, upload documents and keep notes for each project. (Affiliate link.) It interfaces directly with Evernote and Google calendar. Whether she’s brainstorming about something new or inspired on a current project, Seyle says, she can jot it down in Nozbe and access it later. Nozbe offers a 60-day risk-free trial, after which users can select from personal, family and team packages that range from $9.95 to $49.95 per month.

hootsuite for blackberry

App for fun

Hootsuite, the app most favored by App Friday interviewees (Dropbox is second), is also one of Seyle’s top apps for fun. She calls Hootsuite for Blackberry, a free app, “one of the best mobile apps — it makes you feel like you’re on your laptop.”

Another app Seyle recommends is Google Sync. This free App allows her to sync her Gmail, calendar and contacts.

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