Notes Plus and HBO Go iPad Apps

John Tarley

John Tarley is an attorney based in Williamsburg, Virginia. His law firm, Tarley Robinson, represents small businesses and homeowners associations throughout the state.

As the managing partner, Tarley is responsible for updating the firm’s blog as well as handling the firm’s social media outreach on Facebook and through the firm’s Twitter account, @TarleyRobinson.

This week, Tarley shares some of his favorite iPad apps with Lawyer Tech Review.


MacBook and iPad.

App for work

Touch screen to type

Tarley’s newest “cannot live without” app is Notes Plus. (Clickable affiliate link.) The English-language app allows the user to handwrite and type text. Use the index finger to create text that looks as if it was written with pen and paper or draw basic shapes. The user can also insert typed text on the page. The app, which is available for $4.99, also has a voice recording feature.

“I have only begun to scratch the surface with this app,” Tarley says, “but I am doing away with the yellow legal pads in my office and using my iPad and Notes Plus for my note taking chores.”

App for fun

Tarley admits that his “life outside the law is limited.” But when he wants to relax, HBO Go is an indispensable app. The free, must-have app is available to HBO subscribers. Tarley uses it to catch up on all his favorite shows including “Treme” and “Game of Thrones.” He notes that the app allows viewers to access all of the seasons of The Wire.

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