iPad and iPhone apps that help cut parking costs and manage projects

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

Ken Lopez

After law school, Ken Lopez founded A2L Consulting, formerly known as Animators at Law. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., A2L Consulting has worked with the nation’s largest law firms, corporations and government agencies in the areas of litigation consulting, jury consulting, litigation graphics and trial technology. A2L Consulting also shares tips on litigation consulting and trial technology on its blog.

In 2008, the busy father of triplet girls also founded LawProspector, a litigation sales information firm.

This week Lopez, who tweets from @A2LConsulting, shares some of his favorite iPhone and iPad apps with Lawyer Tech Review. (Affiliate links below.)


iPad and iPhone

In 1987, Lopez tried out his first Apple product, a Mac. “Without the Mac,” he notes, “I would have never founded A2L. While most of my law school classmates were looking at green text on a black screen, I was learning design and animation.” And the day the first iPhone was released, Lopez was in line to nab one.

Apps for work

iPhone app to pay parking meters

For work, Lopez recommends Parkmobile and Action Method apps.

With Parkmobile, Lopez estimates he will save about $1,000 this year. The free Parkmobile iPhone app allows him to pay for a meter almost instantly and skip the inconvenience of carrying around a bag of quarters. “In Washington D.C., underground parking is about $20 per meeting. Instead, I park on the street and pay with Parkmobile. The app saves me about $15 a meeting.” Parkmobile is also available for Blackberry and Android smartphones.

to do list iPad app

Action Method is the to-do and delegation manager used at A2L. The team-friendly app allows Lopez to assign a task from his mobile device to a person and attach a date to it. The individual is notified and receives reminders. The nag feature, Lopez explains, is particularly effective.

Action Method is a free app available for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Users who also wish to use the online version of Action Method can sign up for the free plan or the premium plan which costs $12 per month or $99 a year. Lopez notes that the A2L team is also testing Asana, a free alternative to Action Method from the co-founder of Facebook.

Apps for fun

iPad Leaf recognition app

The father of 4-year-old triplet girls, Lopez says the Angelina Ballerina ($2.99), Thomas & Friends ($2.99) and the Rapunzel ($3.99) iPad apps are popular. But one his favorite apps is Leafsnap. Take a picture of a leaf and the free app will match it to the tree type.

“I go on frequent nature walks with the girls and tree identification has become a regular part of our routine,” Lopez notes. “It is incredibly satisfying when one of them is able to identify a gingko tree.”

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