App Friday: Michael Reiser’s Favorites

attorney Michael Reiser

Michael Reiser, a Walnut Creek, Calif.-based trial attorney, has been in practice since 1986 and a sole practitioner since 1999. Licensed in both California and Colorado, Reiser practices in the areas of business, employment and real estate litigation. He’s also handled police misconduct and civil rights cases.

For Reiser, Twitter is the social media method of choice. He can be found @reiserlaw.

In this week’s App Friday, Reiser tells us about some of his favorite apps.



Apps for work

For Reiser, Google Scholar, a research tool that allows lawyers to find cases quickly, is essential. Reiser says, “Google Scholar literally saved me during a trial last December.” He was arguing motions in limine when opposing counsel cited a new case. “During a recess, I found and read the case on Google Scholar, using my iPhone. I was able to distinguish the case on the facts.”

The FastCase app is a more recent discovery. Like Google Scholar, it allows Reiser to conduct phone research on the fly — and it’s free.

“Google Scholar and Fastcase are powerful research tools and law libraries you can carry in your pocket,” Reiser says. “For a trial lawyer, it is very cool.”

App for fun

To find great eateries, especially when he’s out of town, Reiser relies on Yelp. This app allows users to find places to eat, drink and shop; read reviews; and get directions.

Now it’s your turn. Contact us to share your favorite iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry apps.