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Ted Brooks trial consultant

Ted Brooks is a trial consultant and the go-to provider for legal technology in high-stakes litigation. His most recent celebrity project involved the divorce battle between Frank and Jamie McCourt over ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers. As part of the team that represented Jamie McCourt, Brooks spearheaded the technology presentation that culminated in a win.

Brooks owns Litigation-Tech LLC, a full-service court presentation firm with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He also runs the national Trial Consulting Network and writes about law, technology and the iPad on the Court Technology and Trial Presentation blog.

Brooks, a speaker, author and avid cyclist, also tweets from @litigationtech. This week, he shares some of his favorite apps with Lawyer Tech Review.

Samsung Nexus S smartphone


Sprint Nexus S Google phone by Samsung

Brooks recently purchased the device and adds, “It is very clean and features a Wi-Fi mobile hotspot and direct tethering. This could be the un-iPhone for BlackBerry refugees and road warriors looking for an iPhone alternative.” His review of the Nexus is scheduled for next week on Law.com and his blog.

App for work

Brooks is currently testing Note Taker HD, an iPad productivity app that allows users to write and organize handwritten notes, diagrams and can be opened in other apps like Dropbox and Evernote. He’ll be posting a complete review on his blog but his early verdict is that it is “the best thing I’ve seen yet for daily use in jotting down notes and even sharing them on an external monitor. This really could be a possible legal pad replacement.”(Affiliate link)

App for leisure

Brooks admits he has an “information addiction.” And there’s no better way to get a fix than with Twitter. For Brooks, when he’s not in trial, he enjoys keeping up-to-date on the latest news and tech information via a Twitter app.

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