Siri, faster performance of the iPhone 4S may appeal to lawyers

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq. and Enrique Serrano

In the three days since the iPhone 4S was launched, Apple announced that over four million units have been sold. As iPhone fans continue to line up to buy the latest model, this is a good time to highlight some of the iPhone 4S features that may be of interest to lawyers.

For a comparison at a glance, see our infographic below (click the image to enlarge.)

iPhone 4S comparison with iPhone 4

For lawyers, Siri could be a productivity boost. Siri is the new personal assistant tool that allows you to use your voice to handle a number of routine tasks. If you’re running late for a meeting, ask Siri to notify your office. If you’re still at the office and will be late for dinner, ask Siri to send a text message to notify your spouse. If you receive a text or email message, Siri will read it to you. You can then can dictate your reply and ask Siri to send it. The drawback is that Siri is currently only available in English, French and German. And some iPhone 4S users are having problems connecting to Siri.

The iPhone 4S is faster than the iPhone 4. Apple reports that the dual-core A5 chip used in the iPhone 4S makes it two times faster than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S also handles graphics up to seven times faster.

The camera and video have been improved on the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4 takes five megapixel photos but the iPhone 4S snaps eight megapixel pictures. The video on the iPhone 4S is HD 1080 p, an improvement over the HD 720 p on the iPhone 4.

If you’ve already purchased an iPhone 4S, we’d like to know what you’ve identified as the benefits and drawbacks of the latest Apple gadget.