Two new smartphones that are powerful work tools compared side-by-side

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq. and Enrique Serrano

A mobile phone is for more than just talking. A smartphone now functions as a calendar, calculator, GPS, videocamera and an organizer. It is, without a doubt, an indispensable work tool.

Recently, we highlighted the smartphone improvements offered by the iPhone 4S. Now, Google is upping the ante with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. For our readers pondering an upgrade, we have culled through all of the latest facts and rumors circulating about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Here is our analysis of the technical specifications to help you decide whether a new purchase is warranted.

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Conclusions of the comparison between the iPhone and the Galaxy Nexus

To summarize the iPhone and the Galaxy Nexus comparisons:

  • The Galaxy Nexus features a slick, curved design. It’s wider and taller than the iPhone, but it’s also thinner than the iPhone 4S, 4 or 3GS.
  • The iPhone is heavier than the Galaxy Nexus, but just by a few grams.
  • While the iPhone still doesn’t have 4G support, there will be a 4G LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus. Nevertheless, it is rumored that this version will make the phone slightly thicker and heavier.
  • The iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus can record 1080p HD video.
  • The 1.3 MP front camera of the Galaxy Nexus, used for videoconferencing, beats the VGA camera of the iPhone 4S. Nevertheless, the 5-element lens, 8 MP camera on the iPhone 4S beats the main 5 MP back camera on the Galaxy Nexus phone. However, the zero-shutter-delay and dual LED flash of the Galaxy Nexus means it is equipped with a decent smartphone camera.
  • The iPhone 4’s retina screen was a big step forward when compared to the display of the iPhone 3GS but the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S have the same screen resolution. On the other hand, the Galaxy Nexus has a bigger, higher resolution HD Super AMOLED screen of 1280 x 720 pixels and 316 ppi.
  • The iPhone 4S has twice the overall performance than the previous iPhone 4, and around 7 times more graphics speed. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Nexus will probably perform even better due to its 1.2 GHz TI dual core processor and to 1 GB of RAM memory. (The clock speed of the iPhone 4S is limited to 800 Mhz and the amount of RAM memory is 512 MB.)
  • The maximum data speed of the iPhone 4S of 14.4 Mbps duplicated the maximum data speed of the iPhone 4. The data download speed of the Galaxy Nexus on 4G networks is going to be even faster, reaching top download speeds of up to 21.1 Mbps.
  • Battery consumption of the iPhone 4S is probably its main drawback when compared to previous iPhone models. It lasts 100 hours less in standby than the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 3GS. We don’t have any official data on the battery life of the Galaxy Nexus but initial reviews about the battery duration ranged from "average" to "good."
  • Both smartphones boast upgraded operating systems. (iOS 4 and Android 4.0 – Ice-Cream Sandwich.) New features abound in both software versions. The personal assistant Siri of the iPhone 4S is probably the most talked about feature, as it allows you to control many tasks on the iPhone using natural language. It is a step beyond the voice recognition features present on the new Android smartphone.
  • Technically speaking, the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus are clearly superior to their predecessors — and their price reflects it. The iPhone 4S has models with data storage capacity ranging from 16 to 64 GB, its price plans start at $199 – but the contract terms vary, and the 16 GB version locked to AT&T retails for $699.95 USD. (Affiliate link) The Galaxy Nexus is available on 16 GB and on 32 GB models, and its pricing plans are rumored to be starting on $299, while is already listing the unlocked version at a price of £519.99 GBP.

Are you considering an upgrade to an iPhone 4S or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus? If have you have already tried one of those last generation smartphones, tell us about your experience.