Gwynne Monahan’s iPad, Android and Laptop Productivity Apps

Gwynne Monahan, lawyer

Gwynne Monahan is the community manager for Clio, a cloud-based practice management system for solos and small firms. As the online voice of Clio, Monahan keeps in touch with the system’s community of users in a variety of ways, including the company’s blog.

Monahan is also known as a privacy and open source advocate. She shares her knowledge and observations on Open Source WorkInProgress, a personal blog that provides open source information to lawyers and others involved in the legal profession. She is also the founder and chief consultant at Shadow Froggy Consulting.

On top of all that, Monahan’s a prolific tweeter. From her Twitter profile, @econwriter5, she has logged nearly 56,000 tweets and amassed a large following.

This week, Monahan shares some of her favorite apps with Lawyer Tech Review.


Laptop, Android-based smartphone, iPad

Apps for work

Writing Evernote notes

Monahan says that Evernote, a free capture-and-organize tool, is extremely helpful (clickable affiliate link). “I do a lot of blogging,” she explains. “Story ideas can’t always be summoned while I’m sitting at my desk, diligently working.” Instead, she may feel inspired while “babysitting my nephews and niece.” An idea might come to mind while she’s “out to coffee or during dinner with friends or at a networking event.” Whatever the situation, a thought springs to mind and she wants to capture it.

With Evernote, instead of sending herself an email or trying to move the information between applications, Monahan can record the idea and come back to it later, accessing it from any device with the use of the free Evernote app.

App for fun

Google maps app

When Monahan was a BlackBerry user, she says, UberTwitter (now known as UberSocial) was one of her favorite apps. Another favorite is Google Maps. “It comes in handy in a variety of ways,” she notes. In addition to fetching directions, Google Maps helps her locate businesses, track down contact information and determine where destinations are in relation to each other, especially when she isn’t near a computer.

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