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By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

Nozbe Review by Lawyer Tech Review

At the start of each day, many lawyers mentally review a daunting list of to dos, ranking the items by urgency while hoping nothing has been forgotten. For solo and small firm lawyers, the list includes case matters, administrative and billing tasks as well as marketing-related items. And to complete the to-do list, access to additional information such as notes, telephone numbers, emails, Web pages and the time, date and location of upcoming events is often helpful.

To help get things done, one popular business productivity app that is finding its way into legal circles is Nozbe. More than just an app for creating task lists, Nozbe is a Web app and a mobile app for the iPhone and iPad with many project management features. Users create task lists that can be assigned to project folders. (Affiliate link) Add emails, calendar entries, notes and clipped Web pages to Nozbe for more robust project management.

Nozbe offers a free six-project account. The cost for premium accounts range from anywhere between $9.95 and $49.95 per month depending on the number of users and the amount of storage needed. The premium accounts come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.* (Affiliate link)

Lawyer Tech Review has been testing the paid version of this user-friendly app and here are just a few of the features that may interest attorneys.

Create, date and estimate time needed for tasks

With Nozbe, you can create a master list of tasks that need to be completed. Each task can be assigned to a file which allows the user to also sort work by project.

Master Nozbe task list

When creating the to-do item, the user can designate the context for the task. Is it an errand or an item that needs to be completed in front of a computer? The user assigns a date for the task and estimates how long it will take to complete.

Task types in Nozbe app

Sync with Calendar

Many items on a to-do list are often associated with an appointment or item in a calendar. Nozbe users who rely on Google Calendar or iCal can integrate their calendar with the Nozbe app.

Nozbe sync Google Calendar

Use Evernote with Nozbe to sync related emails, Web pages and notes

Evernote allows users to clip emails, Web pages and make notes. (Read Evernote App Review: An Alternative to Printing Information.) Integrate Evernote and your Nozbe project files will be full of useful information.

For example, if a lawyer finds information online that would make great fodder for the law firm’s blog, the Web page can be clipped or the URL captured with Evernote. Tag the item “blog” and if there is a corresponding Nobze file named “blog,” the clipped page will appear in Nozbe.

I use Outlook and I have quickly become to rely on an Evernote feature that allows me clip an email, tag it and add it to Evernote app. Now, with Nozbe, that same email can also be synced with a Nozbe file.

(Nozbe also offers a Gmail widget and works as an open app inside myYahoo.)

Nozbe integration with Evernote and Dropbox

Add Dropbox Folders in Nozbe

There is a heated debate right now in the legal community over whether Dropbox provides enough security to handle client files. (Read Dropbox in the Hotseat) However, if you are a Dropbox user, folders integrate seamlessly within Nozbe.

Additional Apps and Security Notes

There are many other apps that integrate with Nozbe. Twitter, Jott, iGoogle, Gmail and NetVibes are a few of the apps you can add to customize your Nozbe experience.

Nozbe at a Glance

  • Create task lists
  • Integrate Google calendar
  • Include emails
  • Web, iPhone and iPad app

When it comes to security, Nozbe’s servers are located in the United States near Washington D.C. with backup servers on the West Coast. When logging into Nozbe, passwords and email addresses are encrypted. Premium users also have the option of using an SSL connection which encrypts all of the communication between the browser and Nozbe.

Nozbe Verdict

5 recommended - five

Overall, Nozbe is a great tool that helps you plan your work, access your information and keep your projects on course.

Have you used the Nozbe app? What was your experience? Are there any advanced features that you find helpful?

*Editor’s note. Account terms revised in article to reflect clarification from Nozbe.


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