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Andy Crouppen – App Friday

Andy Crouppen Lawyer from Brown & Crouppen

In today’s App Friday round, Andy Crouppen with Brown & Crouppen, a personal injury law firm based in St. Louis, highlights his favorite apps for the iPhone including Kayak, Sirius and his law firm’s app.

Using iAnnotate on iPad to review cases

iAnnotate, the app that allows you to read, annotate and share your PDF files, is a valuable tool when reviewing documents and legal research on your iPad. This week, Lawyer Tech Review shares tips on how to upload cases from Google Scholar and other websites, annotate it and then send to your email or add to iBooks, Dropbox, DocstoGo and even Evernote.

Kindle Fire tablet size

The new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is the new competitor in the world of tablet computers, and it's being pointed as the main iPad rival. But, is Kindle Fire good enough to replace the iPad in professional environments? In this infographic we perform an in-depth comparison between the tech specs of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the iPad 2 tablets trying to find out how appropriate they would be as productivity boosting tools at work.


App Friday: Lynne DeVenny

Lawyer Lynne DeVenny

In today’s App Friday round, Lynne DeVenny – a Winston-Salem paralegal, blogger and podcast host – discusses her favorite iPad apps including Evernote, Penultimate, Days Between, Time Value and many more.

Snugg ultra thin iPad 2 case

The Snugg Ultra Thin iPad 2 case is sleek and lightweight. This week, Lawyer Tech Review discusses the pros and cons of using the iPad case with the built-in iPad stand and automatic sleep mode.


How to Find a Lost iPad

App to find iPad and iPhone

As lawyers shift from paper to paperless, brown accordion folders are being replaced with gadgets like the iPad and iPhone. Although the technology is new, the old concerns about safeguarding client information remain. The free Find My iPhone app from Apple allows you to remotely locate, lock and even erase data from your iPad and some other Apple devices.

trade iPhone for cash

Gadgets are expensive. The benefits of having the latest iPhone, Android or Blackberry have to be weighed against the cost of acquiring the new device, the time needed to get it set up and the learning curve involved in getting to know a new smart phone. But one trade-in program helps tip the scale towards a purchase.

Google Voice Search review

Our smartphones are useful gadgets that allow us to browse webpages and to reply emails on the go. But in practice, typing in a small on-screen keyboard can be challenging. Fortunately, Google Voice Search and Google Voice Actions are free apps that allow to control your phone with your voice. We review these apps in detail, finding all their features, and discovering the best time-saving ways to use them on your phone.

TouchPad infographic

The HP TouchPad tablet lost the battle against the Apple iPad. But, how good is the HP TouchPad compared to the iPad? We analyze the technical specifications of the TouchPad and the iPad in this infographic, and find out why a discounted TouchPad has become a best-selling tablet PC.


HP TouchPad Tablet for Lawyers

HP TouchPad Tablet

Last week HP announced that it was ditching the TouchPad tablet after a scant 49 days on the market. The price plummeted from $499 to $99, and sales have been on a tear. The HP TouchPad is now one of the hottest-selling products on Amazon. But is it right for your practice?


App Friday: Dan Pepper

Portrait of Dan Pepper

In today’s App Friday round, Dan Pepper - the managing member of New Jersey-based Pepper Law Group, a boutique law firm that concentrates its practice in technology, Internet, and entertainment law - highlights the benefits of iPhone apps QuickOfficePro, Dragon Dictation and Best Parking.