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Lawyer tech survey stats

Recently, the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center released the final volumes to its annual survey of technology’s role in the legal profession. Based on the results, it seems clear that the love affair between lawyers and technology shows no signs of slowing as smartphones, iPad tablets, apps and SaaS gain ground among attorneys.

Nozbe Review by Lawyer Tech Review

At the start of each day, many lawyers mentally review a daunting list of to dos, ranking the items by urgency while hoping nothing has been forgotten. To complete the items, additional information such as notes, telephone numbers, emails and the time, date and location of upcoming events is often needed. To help get things done, one popular business productivity app that is finding its way into legal circles is Nozbe.

Sync Bookmarks in Google Chrome

When it comes to making the most productive use of one’s time in front of a computer screen, the bookmark is one of a busy lawyer’s best friends. This oft-used tool makes information retrieval easier - but when your bookmarks aren’t available because you’re not using your usual computer or working with an unfamiliar browser, you miss them. Google Chrome offers a free way to store and sync your bookmarks across browsers that can be accessed from any computer. This week, Lawyer Tech Review explains how to store and sync bookmarks in a Google account.

Repetitive stress injury

We spend our days - and sometimes our nights - at our computers. What many consider a physically undemanding activity can result in repetitive stress injury, but fortunately there's an app designed to help prevent them. This week we review Workrave, a program that monitors your activity and proposes easy exercises and breaks to help ensure that you stay healthy at work.

Portrait of Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, Lawyer

In today’s App Friday round, Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - legal marketing pro and co-founder of the website Attorney at Work —highlights the online collaboration benefits of Google Docs. For leisure, the IMDb app for the iPhone is great for learning more about the movies she’s watching.

Logitech Webcam Pro fron tview

The recent announcement that Facebook will be offering Skype as part of its social networking experience is yet another reminder that video conferencing is moving into the mainstream. Lawyers are incorporating video conferencing for client meetings, long-distance mediations and even expert witness depositions. If your laptop or desktop doesn’t have a built-in webcam, one affordable solution is the Logitech 720 Webcam Pro 9000.

Portenzo iPad 2 Notebook style case

For some lawyers, holding an iPad can’t replace the joy of carrying a book. For those attorneys, Portenzo offers a handmade iPad case that looks like a book. This week, St. Louis lawyer Spencer E. Farris reviews the Portenzo iPad case for Lawyer Tech Review.


App Friday: Patrick Maddigan

Patrick Maddigan in App Friday

In today’s App Friday round, Patrick Maddigan - a Boston lawyer and social media consultant - discusses his favorite BlackBerry and iPad apps including Pages, Zillow, HootSuite, Mashable, PhotoShop Express and many more.

Zillow app for iPhone

For many lawyers, particularly those who practice in the areas of real estate, condemnation and often family law, the cost of housing and the value of real estate are important pieces of information. Zillow offers free mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices. In this week’s Lawyer Tech Review, we take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of the real estate data app for the iPhone.

Reading Talkscribe transcription

Reviewing voice mail is a tedious task for many lawyers. Voice-to-text transcription services can make keeping up with voice mail easier and work well in a paperless office. This week Lawyer Tech Review highlights TalkScribe, a voice-to-text transcription service.

iPhone gadgets for mobile lawyers

For mobile lawyers, keeping devices charged is a challenge. Another issue is that wallets or purses, tech gadgets, keys and briefcases can be cumbersome. This week, Lawyer Tech Review highlights two gadgets that make the life of a tech lawyer easier, a portable AC/USB outlet charger and an iPhone credit card case.