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App Friday: John Tarley

John Tarley

In today’s App Friday round, John Tarley - a lawyer based in Williamsburg, Virginia who represents small businesses and homeowners associations - discusses his favorite iPad apps, Notes Plus and HBO Go.

Tap and dictate Dragon screen

The Dragon Dictation 2.0 mobile app for the iPhone is a versatile tool. In this review of the free speech-recognition app, we explain how to use Dragon Dictation for emails, texting, social media status updates and the creation of longer texts and notes.


App Friday: Christopher Dixon

Christopher Dixon Attorney

In today’s App Friday round, Christopher Dixon — a St. Louis personal injury lawyer and co-founder of The St. Louis Suit Project — discusses his favorite iPhone apps, FastCase and XMarks.

iAnnotate Review

Traditionally lawyers dictate documents, assistants transcribe and then a hard copy is returned to the lawyer for review. But now an iPad with iAnnotate is reducing the amount of time and paper required for the review-and-revision process.


App Friday: Debora Plehn-Dujowich

Debora Plehn Dujowich Attorney

In today’s App Friday round, Debora Plehn-Dujowich — a scientist and intellectual property attorney — shares some of her favorite apps for iPad and iPhone.

Advanced Outlook tips part 2

Although the newest smartphone apps and the latest gadgets, such as the iPad, can boost productivity, lawyers should also review the technology they already have in place to see whether there are features they’ve been missing. This week, Kansas City lawyer Zach Bickel shares three tips that will help you get the most from Outlook.

Drop the file folder and pick up the iPad

It used to be that when Indiana lawyer Hunter Reece walked into bankruptcy court or a trustee’s meeting, he was toting eight to 10 files along with him. Not only was it a bulky and inconvenient to flip through stacks of paper, he had to make sure that the folders were never misplaced. About two years ago, though, when Reece bought an iPad, that all changed. He replaced the stack of files with one electronic device. Instead of shuffling through all that paper to find the right pleading, he only had to scroll down a screen.


Dropbox in the Hot Seat

DropBox data security concerns

Dropbox has quickly become one of the most popular cloud-based storage services among lawyers. But recent accusations leveled by one prominent security researcher may have some attorneys reconsidering the choice. The central issue is whether Dropbox employees have access to the contents of a user’s file.


App Friday: Ted Brooks

Ted Brooks trial consultant

In today’s App Friday round, Ted Brooks —trial consultant and the go-to person for legal technology in high-stakes and celebrity litigation — shares some of his favorite apps.

Google Scholar legal search

For many years, legal research has often meant choosing between tedium in a musty library or paying for computerized research. But Google Scholar, a free legal research tool, offers lawyers a third way. If you haven’t tried Google Scholar, you will be surprised at what you find. Here are some quick tips on how to use Google Scholar to boost the efficiency of your legal research.


App Friday: Cathy Ribble

Cathy L. Ribble Paralegal

In today’s App Friday round, Cathy Ribble - founder of Digital Paralegal Services, a virtual alternative for lawyers - shares some of her favorite iPhone apps.