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Evernote app logo

Printing, whether the item is an email, a reservation confirmation, driving directions or the contents contained on a web page, is a habit that is hard to break. As part of my ongoing quest to break my own paper addiction, I recently downloaded the free version of Evernote, an app with the slogan, “Remember everything.” Instead of creating my usual manila travel folder for the recent ABA Tech Show, I decided to try storing all of my information using Evernote. Here’s my review on how the app performed.

iPad keyboard dock used with iPhone

Even before the session on the paperless law office at the American Bar Association’s Tech Show had begun, the back of the room was already abuzz. The reason? An iPhone docked in an iPad keyboard. Hunter Reece - a Fowler, Ind.-based lawyer with Barce and Reece - found himself the center of attention. Having docked his iPhone into an Apple keyboard that he had purchased with his iPad, he unwittingly created an indispensable tool for a mobile office.


App Friday: Gwynne Monahan

Gwynne Monahan, lawyer

In today’s App Friday round, Gwynne Monahan - community manager of Clio in addition to serving as a privacy and open source advocate - shares some of her favorite Android and iPad apps.

Extra battery for iPhone and iPod

Checking emails, talking on the phone, using apps and searching the Internet are all activities that can quickly drain the power from an iPhone. And sometimes outlets and car chargers aren’t readily available. In this week’s post, we review a portable battery pack from DigiPower that can replenish your iPhone’s power supply.


App Friday: Steve Kuncewicz

Portrait of Steve Kuncewicz, lawyer

In today’s App Friday round, Steve Kuncewicz — an intellectual property, media and social media lawyer at HBJ Gateley Wareing in Manchester, England, and author of Legal Issues of Web 2.0 & Social Media — shares some of his favorite iPhone and iPad apps for lawyers.

Access screen through GoToMyPC

Ever wake up in the middle of the night and wonder whether you need to be in court the next day? Or perhaps, while on vacation, you’ve received a phone call from opposing counsel and needed to contact your client but didn’t have the phone number, and the office was closed? Remote access is one solution to these problems. One popular remote access service is GoToMyPC. In this Lawyer Tech Review post, we highlight the benefits and drawbacks of GoToMyPC for lawyers. Read more.


App Friday: Donna Seyle

Donna Seyle in App Friday

In today’s App Friday round, Law Practice Strategy’s Donna Seyle shares the apps that help her store online research, manage projects and sync her email and calendar.

Lawyer tech review screenshot software

Law firm websites and legal blogs can be used to communicate important information and answer frequently asked questions. It’s important to remember, though, that limiting your information to text may quickly bore a visitor or cause that person to leave the site altogether. Screenshots can help present the information you need to communicate in a visually appealing way and break up "walls" of text. This week, Lawyer Tech Review highlights two screen-grab tools you can use to capture Web pages: Awesome Screenshot and, for Windows 7 and Vista users, the Snipping Tool.


App Friday: Michelle Hynes

Portrait of Michelle Hynes, Lawyer

In today’s App Friday round, Michelle Hynes highlights apps she uses to stay organized while on the go, turn her BlackBerry into a mobile office and build a network of contacts worldwide.

Dropbox logo

For lawyers, having instant, secure access to files and documents from anywhere is a necessity rather than a luxury. To achieve that end, many are turning to cloud computing without blowing the law firm’s budget. One popular cloud-based storage service that allows law firms and attorneys to back up, sync and even allow client access to documents is Dropbox, a service that likens itself to a secure magic pocket for all of your files. Read more to find out how some lawyers are using Dropbox in their law firms.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 boxed edition

Email management is essential for lawyers - and Microsoft Outlook can be a valuable tool in that respect. Lawyer J. Zachary Bickel highlights three often-overlooked features of Outlook to help attorneys organize their practices and track information. Read on to learn how to filter your emails, how to automatically copy your sent emails and how to issue meeting invites using Outlook.