Steve Kuncewicz’s Favorite Productivity Apps for iPad and iPhone

Portrait of Steve Kuncewicz, lawyer

Steve Kuncewicz is an intellectual property, media and social media lawyer at HBJ Gateley Wareing in Manchester, England. He is also the author of Legal Issues of Web 2.0 and Social Media, which was published last year. (Affiliate link.) His second book, Inside Out: Corporate Communication & the Law in the Connected World, is to be published in May.

In addition to spending time “shouting at people to convince them that applying social media to legal services can be a good thing,” Kuncewicz serves as a board member of Pro-Manchester (a corporate membership organization for the financial and professional service community) and also belongs to the Manchester Publicity Association and the Manchester Law Society Council.

Kuncewicz publishes a blog, IP & Media Law, and tweets from @SteveKuncewicz.

After swearing by BlackBerry for the past five years, Kuncewicz says, he’s become a “fanboy” not just of the iPhone but also the iPad and now uses a Mac at home, and he confesses that “Steve Jobs is going to be the recipient of my disposable income for some time to come.”


iPhone, iPad

Apps for work

For presentations, Kuncewicz calls Keynote “brilliant” and much easier to use than PowerPoint. Using his iPad app, Kuncewicz says, “I spoke at an event recently and knocked together a presentation in 10 minutes flat while in a bar.” The productivity app is available in several languages, including English and Spanish, and sells for $9.99 at the iTunes store. Another app that gets rave reviews from Kuncewicz is Pages. The word processor iPad app, which sells for $9.99, allows you to not only write documents but also design advanced layouts.

Kuncewicz mentions three other apps that, he says, “get around many of the arguments that the iPhone and iPads are more toys than tools” for lawyers. They are Evernote, a free capture-and-organize tool; iBrainstorm, a brainstorming app that includes a freeform drawing canvas; and Goodreader, a PDF reader selling for $4.99 that also allows users to annotate, manage, transfer and sync files.

But, Kuncewicz says, he’s still looking for a perfect blogging app. Right now he’s using WordPress, which he calls “OK,” He’s also played with Blogspot but says, “If anyone uses any better blogging apps, let me know!”

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App for fun

At home, Kuncewicz relies most on the BBC iPlayer, Kindle and YouTube.

The free BBC iPlayer app allows users to watch and listen to BBC television and radio shows on the iPad. “It comes in handy when I can’t sleep and want to catch up on television shows I’ve missed,” he says.

YouTube is his built-in iPad app that Kuncewicz likes for movie trailers and he’s found it “surprisingly good for some U.S. TV programs.” The free Kindle app offers an experience, he says, that “has been way better than I expected” although he thinks the app makes the actual Kindle device redundant.

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