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Handwriting's on iPad with Notability

For iPad owners who long for the ability to take notes by hand, the Notability app offers the freedom of jotting down handwritten notes without the fuss of keeping track of papers. And at the current sale price of 99 cents, it is a bargain worth trying.


App Friday: Rob Dean

Rob Dean, Lawyer

In today’s App Friday round, Rob Dean - a medical malpractice, nursing home neglect and employment ligation attorney who practices in Roanoke, Virginia - highlights apps that have turned his iPad into an indispensable, productivity-boosting gadget.


iPad Use on the Bench

Patrick Connaghan

St. Louis Probate Commissioner Patrick Connaghan has long embraced technology as a means of saving time and taxpayer money. Lawyer Tech Review recently attended a hearing that demonstrated how technology - and an iPad - helps him move cases more efficiently and economically.