5 Top Android Apps

Use your smartphone to make your law firm leaner and more flexible

Guest post by Leslie Krick

Smartphones are changing the way everyone does business, but legal professionals in particular can benefit from the flexibility and efficiency of running certain aspects of their business using their smartphones. Here are some apps to put your smartphone to work for you, whether you’re in a doctor’s office for a deposition, out on the golf course or taking the train to work.

1. The Law Guide

The Law Guide app for Android

If you’re a paralegal or law student, this app is a great way to stand out among your peers. With a comprehensive legal dictionary and FAQ at your fingertips, you can impress your boss and colleagues with a confident grasp on the language of your trade. If you’re between jobs, The Law Guide allows you to upload your resume and connect with employers in your area. Even qualified attorneys can benefit from the free case-review links and law dictionary. It’s free to download, ad-free, and content-rich.

2. RDM+ Remote Desktop Management

RDM Plus app for Android

If you’ve ever forgotten to bring a file home with you or wished you could work during your commute, this app is a great solution. RDM+ gives you remote access to any computer from your smartphone. Your home or office desktop will appear on the smartphone display. Functionality is slightly limited by your smartphone’s keyboard but otherwise it’s just like having your desktop computer with you wherever you go. Be sure to keep this app password-protected so that phone thieves can’t access sensitive documents.

Calltrack Android App

3. CallTrack

Legal professionals’ time is valuable but tracking billable hours is a hassle. This app saves a surprising amount of time by tracking all your work calls by length and contact details and automatically syncing them to Google Calendar. CallTrack adds up all your billable and non-billable call hours at the end of a billing period you designate so you (or your accountant) can use time more productively.

4. WinScribe Digital Dictation

Android Winscribe Digital Dictation App

If you really want to turn your smartphone into a mobile office, a tiny virtual keyboard is going to be your primary obstacle. The best solution on the market right now is digital dictation—while it’s imperfect, the sophistication and accuracy of dictation software has come a long way in recent years, and you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be. WinScribe lets you dictate, transcribe, and review finished documents from your smartphone—making your smartphone as work-ready as your desktop computer.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox Android menu screen

If you do any business at all online, in any profession, Dropbox should be part of your arsenal. It allows you to share files across computers and mobile devices as easily as clicking and dragging files into a folder. The Dropbox app gives you access to shared folders on your home and office computers, so you never again experience that sinking feeling of having left a vital file at home. You can simply access it from your phone, finish it up on the go, and share it with co-workers or clients over Dropbox.

About The Author

Leslie Krick is a staff writer for the Louisiana law firm Bachus & Schanker on topics relating to employment, labor and state law. She is also an active member in her community as well as a member of Amnesty International.