Apps for transcribing business cards into phone contacts and tracking your finances

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

Attorney K. Nykoel Dinardo

K. Nykoel Dinardo is a lawyer and program planner at the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education where she produces live, online and telephone-based CLE programming.  The CLE provider also sponsors the IICLE Happenings blog.

Licensed in both New York and Illinois, Dinardo volunteers with community organizations such as the Central Illinois Women’s Bar Association and the NAACP Legal Redress Committee.

This week, Dinardo shares some of her favorite iPhone apps and Android-based apps for Nook with Lawyer Tech Review. (Affiliate links below.)


iPhone, Nook

App for work

Card Munch iPhone App

As a continuing legal education program planner, Dinardo meets a lot of people and receives numerous business cards. With the free CardMunch app, Dinardo has turned her iPhone into an indispensable tool for organizing information.

With CardMunch, Dinardo simply takes a picture of the business card and the information is then manually transcribed and sent back to her phone. The transcribed data can be incorporated as an address book contact. She also has the option of adding the individual as a contact on LinkedIn.

Dinardo says, “Thanks to CardMunch, I never find myself asking, ‘Who was the person I was talking to last week? I wonder what I did with their business card?’”

CardMunch only works on devices running iOS4 and later and requires that the user have a LinkedIn profile. Lawyers with an iPhone 3GS or later, iPad 2 or 4th generation iTouch can download the app in the iTunes store.

App for fun

Mint Android App for Nook

For Dinardo, keeping track of her finances has gone from a chore to a fun activity with the Mint app. Using her Nook, which is not only an eReader but an Android tablet, Dinardo says Mint “helps me keep my finances organized, avoid missed payments and tracks my expenses.”

The free Mint app uses 128-bit SSL encryption to pull all your financial accounts into one place. It allows you to set a budget and track your goals. Mint is available for download in Android’s Play Store as well as in Apple iTunes.

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