Make viewing attachments easier and turn your smartphone into an exercise coach

Lawyer Nalini Mahadevan

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

Based in the St. Louis suburb of Clayton, Nalini S. Mahadevan practices in the areas of immigration, estate planning and business law. In April, she joined Lowenbaum Partnership LLC where she heads the firm’s immigration practice. Prior to that, she owned Mahadevan Law Office.

On her blog, Lawyers You Can Talk To, Mahadevan provides information on a variety of topics including helpful tips on immigration matters for individuals and businesses. In addition to her law practice, Mahadevan is an adjunct professor at Saint Louis University School of Law teaching practice management and business law. Mahadevan worked as a corporate lawyer in India before moving to the United States, where she obtained a master’s in business administration and a law degree.

This week, Mahadevan shares some of her favorite Android apps with Lawyer Tech Review. (Affiliate links below.)



App for work

Android app to manage attachments

Mahadevan finds that the Fast Image Viewer app is indispensable when it comes to attachments and PDFs. The app’s advanced features include slideshow, show on map, rotate, crop, resize, save-as, set-as-wallpaper, share and export to PDF.

“With the Fast Image Viewer, I am able to view photos and PDF quickly from my smartphone,” Mahadevan says.

The app is available for free. Users can also purchase the app for $2.99 in order to get unlimited exporting to PDF, unlimited re-sizing and unlimited saving capabilities.

App for fun

Android sports tracker app

For exercise, Mahadevan uses Endomondo Sports Tracker, a personal trainer and sports fitness partner.

“Endomondo is a useful way to track distance, calories, route and map of exercise and can be applied to many types of exercise,” she says.

The Android app has a free version and a pro version that costs $3.99. The pro version includes interval training programs and an audio coach that helps you beat your previous workout time or set calorie goals for your workout and gives live audio feedback to let you know how you’re doing.

For iPhone users, free and pro versions of Endomondo Sports Tracker are also available in the iTunes store.

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