iPad apps for storing case files, connecting to the office, note taking and document editing

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

Rob Dean, Lawyer

Rob Dean is an associate with the Frith & Ellerman Law Firm in Roanoke, Virginia. The firm handles employment litigation matters and represents individuals and families with nursing home neglect and medical malpractice claims.

Dean also writes about the latest developments in trial technology and mobile computing on his website, WalkingOffice: Mobile Solutions for Legal Professionals.

This week, Dean, who tweets from @_RobDean, shares some of his favorite iPad apps with Lawyer Tech Review. (Affiliate links below.)



Apps for work

iPad tablet with stylus

When it comes to work, an iPad and a Targus stylus are indispensable tools for Dean. “As a trial attorney, I am always carrying my Apple iPad and stylus,” Dean says. “I use my iPad to access case documents, take notes, send email, and check my calendar.”

To get the most from his iPad, Dean uses several productivity-boosting apps. For storing case files, he uses the Goodreader app ($4.99). To connect to his office, Dean prefers the free cloud storage app from Dropbox. When it comes to note taking, Dean likes Notability ($0.99). And to edit documents, Dean uses PDF expert ($9.99).

Watch TV on iPad apps

Apps for fun

Dean and his wife enjoy traveling and his iPad doubles as an entertainment device when he’s away from home.

“When we’re traveling, we like to catch up on our favorite shows such as Friday Night Lights, Mad Men and 30 Rock,” Dean says. With free apps from Netflix and NBC, the Deans can watch their favorite shows based on their own schedule rather than the networks.

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