Apps for clipping information and discovering businesses nearby

Attorney Rob Sullivan

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

Rob Sullivan is a trial lawyer and president of Kansas City-based Sullivan, Morgan & Chronic LLC. The law firm represents personal injury victims and their families in product liability matters, railroad crossing accidents, trucking accidents, heavy equipment accidents and wrongful death cases.

Sullivan is also the principal writer and editor of, a blog that covers current events, legal developments, legal marketing and advertising, trial advocacy and other general legal issues. He tweets from @rsullivanlaw.

This week, Sullivan shares some of his favorite iPhone and iPad apps with Lawyer Tech Review. (Affiliate links below.)


iPhone, iPad

App for work

“If I could only have one app, it would be Evernote,” Sullivan says. “Evernote is what Microsoft OneNote wishes it could be.”

Evernote syncs all kind of devices

The app is available for just about every computer and mobile device, including the iPhone and iPad. Evernote allows users to clip Web pages and emails, write notes, take photos and grab screenshots. The information can be organized, tagged and then stored in the cloud.

Sullivan explains, “It syncs across all devices seamlessly. Whether you are drafting legal documents, blog posts, emails, or just notes, Evernote provides the platform and connectivity to get the job done.”

App for fun

iPhone nearby service location app

“Hands down, my favorite outside-of-work app is Around Me,” Sullivan says. “Just type what you are looking for and Around Me will list the nearest locations.”

Around Me is a free app that allows users to find the nearest bank, gas station, grocery store, taxi and many other types of businesses. Users can select from a generic list of business categories or create a custom search. Just click for directions and you’re on your way.

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