The legal research app for lawyers embraces Android

Fastcase announced for Android

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.

When I am asked to speak at conferences about technology for lawyers, I begin by taking a brief informal survey of the audience. I like to know how many people use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or an iPad. In my experience, the Apple products are some of the most popular among lawyers.

However, some lawyers are becoming more receptive to Android. A lawyer and friend of mine who was a longtime devotee of the iPhone – and who often spoke at legal conferences about the device – made the switch to an Android smartphone about six months ago. For the past three months, I have been testing an older Samsung Galaxy S as I try to decide whether I want to replace my iPhone 3 with a newer iPhone model or an Android phone like the latest offering from Samsung Galaxy S III.

I must admit I’m enjoying the Android. And while Google’s Play Store does not always have the law or productivity apps that I want, like CardMunch, the selection is growing.

Screenshot of fastcase for Android

For proof, one has to look no further than Fastcase.

We have written in the past about the Fastcase app for the iPhone. Some of the guests profiled in our App Friday feature cite Fastcase app as an indispensable productivity tool when they are in the courtroom and need access to quick legal research. Unfortunately, Fastcase has been limited to iOS devices.

However, on June 5, Fastcase for Android was launched. Fastcase acknowledges that since it released Fastcase for the iPhone, the Android platform has grown by leaps and bounds. Like Fastcase for iPhone, the Android app is free but requires a registered account to use it.

Although there are other legal research sites that are optimized for mobile use, Fastcase notes that it is the first native app for legal research on Android. Let’s hope that developers of other iPhone apps that are popular with lawyers will take a cue from Fastcase and add Android as a platform.