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Fastcase for Android

Fastcase announced for Android

While the iPhone may be the most popular smartphone among lawyers, Android use is growing. Recognizing the rising popularity of the platform, Fastcase recently released an Android version of its legal research app in the Google Play Store.


App Friday: Lynne DeVenny

Lawyer Lynne DeVenny

In today’s App Friday round, Lynne DeVenny – a Winston-Salem paralegal, blogger and podcast host – discusses her favorite iPad apps including Evernote, Penultimate, Days Between, Time Value and many more.


HP TouchPad Tablet for Lawyers

HP TouchPad Tablet

Last week HP announced that it was ditching the TouchPad tablet after a scant 49 days on the market. The price plummeted from $499 to $99, and sales have been on a tear. The HP TouchPad is now one of the hottest-selling products on Amazon. But is it right for your practice?

Lawyer tech survey stats

Recently, the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center released the final volumes to its annual survey of technology’s role in the legal profession. Based on the results, it seems clear that the love affair between lawyers and technology shows no signs of slowing as smartphones, iPad tablets, apps and SaaS gain ground among attorneys.


App Friday: Patrick Maddigan

Patrick Maddigan in App Friday

In today’s App Friday round, Patrick Maddigan - a Boston lawyer and social media consultant - discusses his favorite BlackBerry and iPad apps including Pages, Zillow, HootSuite, Mashable, PhotoShop Express and many more.


App Friday: Christopher Dixon

Christopher Dixon Attorney

In today’s App Friday round, Christopher Dixon — a St. Louis personal injury lawyer and co-founder of The St. Louis Suit Project — discusses his favorite iPhone apps, FastCase and XMarks.


App Friday: Michael Reiser

attorney Michael Reiser

In today’s App Friday round, Michael Reiser, a California-based trial lawyer, tells Lawyer Tech Review about his favorites.