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Do you want to promote your product or service to legal professionals across the globe? Then consider a sponsorship on Lawyer Tech Review. Our readers and subscribers are legal professionals located in over 100 countries including the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina and Chile.

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After only a few short months since its launch, Lawyer Tech Review now receives thousands of visits and page views each month.

Our audience is composed of lawyers, abogados, paralegals, litigation and legal consultants who are interested in finding technological solutions to make their practices more productive and profitable. If you want to reach this niche, global audience, Lawyer Tech Review and Lawyer Tech Review en Español are an excellent, affordable resource.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you’ve ever listened to public radio or watched public television in the United States, then you are familiar with sponsorships. We limit our sponsorships to one per post. Your product or service will be highlighted between the headline and the main body of the article. Lawyer Tech Review provides a link to your website and we will also recognize you on Twitter in three tweets spread throughout the day as the sponsor for the day’s post. The sponsorship will remain with the article. It won’t be replaced and because it is in the body of the article, it will be delivered to our subscribers.

Our sponsorship opportunities are $75.00 USD. (Ad rates subject to change.) Due to space constraints, the copy for the sponsorship should be no more than 75 words.

Please note that because we insist our editorial content remain independent from advertising, sponsorships will be clearly designated as a sponsorship and will be offset from the blog post’s editorial content. We do not accept paid blog posts on products or services.

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