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Apps or applications, as small software programs usually related to smartphones, mobile devices and other gadgets.

PDF Expert for iPad Review

PDF Expert Review

In an increasingly paperless environment, PDF files are starting to replace the traditional printed documents that used to fill law firms. With the potential benefits of going digital also come new challenges, as taking control of several versions of related digital files can become a daunting task. Fortunately, annotation apps like PDF Expert provide a more efficient way to review texts, sign documents and work with your team.


Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts video meeting

Google Hangouts is essentially Google’s response to Skype. The free service is available for set up if you have a Google Plus profile. With Hangouts, you can conduct video meetings with one or multiple users. You can share computer screens with Hangout participants. You can even live stream the conference and save it to YouTube. Here's a look at Google Hangouts and how it stacks up against Skype.

Organizational apps for lawyers

To balance the demands of a busy practice and active personal life, it takes organization. These three free smartphone apps can help keep you at work, at home or while traveling.


Making Time to Write

Making time to write with pomodoro

Lawyers spend a lot of time writing, Briefs, memos, pleadings and even blog posts all vie for time and attention. The challenge for most attorneys is blocking out the focused, uninterrupted space during the day needed to get the work done. Focus booster, a free productivity app for the PC, is a simple yet effective tool based on the Pomodoro Technique that can help you make time to write.


Fastcase for Android

Fastcase announced for Android

While the iPhone may be the most popular smartphone among lawyers, Android use is growing. Recognizing the rising popularity of the platform, Fastcase recently released an Android version of its legal research app in the Google Play Store.

Handwriting's on iPad with Notability

For iPad owners who long for the ability to take notes by hand, the Notability app offers the freedom of jotting down handwritten notes without the fuss of keeping track of papers. And at the current sale price of 99 cents, it is a bargain worth trying.

CamScanner App Review

If you've ever found yourself taking pictures of documents but you aren't happy with the results, the CamScanner app can help. With advanced image scanning, processing, PDF exporting and sharing options, CamScanner turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a portable document scanner and delivers better results than snapping a raw picture of a document.


5 Top Android Legal Apps for 2012

5 Top Android Apps

Smartphones are changing the way lawyers run their practices. In this guest post, Leslie Krick introduces 5 top, must-have Android legal apps for tracking time, digital dictation and even job hunting.

iPad as legal pad

Note taking is part and parcel of most lawyers’ lives. But if the notes aren’t filed into the client folder promptly, or the legal pad is misplaced, tracking down the information quickly can be frustrating. Instead of jotting down notes on a legal pad while at a meeting or speaking on the phone, try using an app like Evernote on your iPad and desktop or laptop.


App Friday: Morgan C. Smith

Morgan C. Smith, lawyer

In today’s App Friday round, Morgan C. Smith - owner and founder of Cogent Legal, a San Francisco Bay Area litigation graphics firm - shares apps that allow him to remotely use his iPhone to control Keynote presentations on his laptop as well as a trail running app.


TrialPad on Trial

TrialPad iPad app in Trial

The last thing an attorney wants is to arrive in the courtroom for a trial and discover that the trial presentation technology doesn't work as planned. In this guest post, St. Louis personal injury lawyer Spencer Farris explains how prompt tech support from TrialPad helped him diagnose a glitch that prevented him from displaying documents.