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iPad models compared

After the recent release of the 4th generation iPad and the discontinuation of the “new iPad,” it is easy to get lost among all the different iPad models. In this article, we put the key differences between every iPad version in a useful chart, and answer frequent questions about what are the official names of each iPad, what are their most important improvements and whether they are worth upgrading your old tablets or not.


iPad Use on the Bench

Patrick Connaghan

St. Louis Probate Commissioner Patrick Connaghan has long embraced technology as a means of saving time and taxpayer money. Lawyer Tech Review recently attended a hearing that demonstrated how technology - and an iPad - helps him move cases more efficiently and economically.

new iPad Compared

The iPad has is a top productivity tools favored by lawyers. But, are the improvements to the new iPad good enough to justify buying the new model? We have prepared a visual comparison between the old iPad 2 and the new iPad to answer all your iPad questions and help you decide whether the new iPad is the right addition to your collection of gadgets.

iPad as legal pad

Note taking is part and parcel of most lawyers’ lives. But if the notes aren’t filed into the client folder promptly, or the legal pad is misplaced, tracking down the information quickly can be frustrating. Instead of jotting down notes on a legal pad while at a meeting or speaking on the phone, try using an app like Evernote on your iPad and desktop or laptop.


12 Gadgets for the Holidays

LTR Christmas gift

If the “Twelve Days of Christmas” were modernized, the partridge in the pear tree would likely be supplanted by an iPad 2 with a Bluetooth keyboard. With the holidays fast approaching, Lawyer Tech Review has compiled a list of gadgets, ranging from $10 to $1000 that lawyers and legal professionals would love to give – or receive.

Comparison between Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S

Smartphones are not just for talking anymore: they are almost compact computers packed with work apps. We compared in an infographic two of the strongest new additions to the smartphone landscape, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. the iPhone 4S, to find out if it is worth upgrading to these fancy gadgets and powerful work tools.

iPhone 4S vs 4 comparison

Three days after the iPhone 4S was launched, Apple announced that over four million units of the smartphone had been sold. As iPhone fans continue to line up to buy the latest model, this is a good time to highlight iPhone 4S features that may be of interest to lawyers.

Using iAnnotate on iPad to review cases

iAnnotate, the app that allows you to read, annotate and share your PDF files, is a valuable tool when reviewing documents and legal research on your iPad. This week, Lawyer Tech Review shares tips on how to upload cases from Google Scholar and other websites, annotate it and then send to your email or add to iBooks, Dropbox, DocstoGo and even Evernote.

Kindle Fire tablet size

The new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is the new competitor in the world of tablet computers, and it's being pointed as the main iPad rival. But, is Kindle Fire good enough to replace the iPad in professional environments? In this infographic we perform an in-depth comparison between the tech specs of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the iPad 2 tablets trying to find out how appropriate they would be as productivity boosting tools at work.

Snugg ultra thin iPad 2 case

The Snugg Ultra Thin iPad 2 case is sleek and lightweight. This week, Lawyer Tech Review discusses the pros and cons of using the iPad case with the built-in iPad stand and automatic sleep mode.


How to Find a Lost iPad

App to find iPad and iPhone

As lawyers shift from paper to paperless, brown accordion folders are being replaced with gadgets like the iPad and iPhone. Although the technology is new, the old concerns about safeguarding client information remain. The free Find My iPhone app from Apple allows you to remotely locate, lock and even erase data from your iPad and some other Apple devices.