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12 Gadgets for the Holidays

LTR Christmas gift

If the “Twelve Days of Christmas” were modernized, the partridge in the pear tree would likely be supplanted by an iPad 2 with a Bluetooth keyboard. With the holidays fast approaching, Lawyer Tech Review has compiled a list of gadgets, ranging from $10 to $1000 that lawyers and legal professionals would love to give – or receive.

Snugg ultra thin iPad 2 case

The Snugg Ultra Thin iPad 2 case is sleek and lightweight. This week, Lawyer Tech Review discusses the pros and cons of using the iPad case with the built-in iPad stand and automatic sleep mode.

Logitech Webcam Pro fron tview

The recent announcement that Facebook will be offering Skype as part of its social networking experience is yet another reminder that video conferencing is moving into the mainstream. Lawyers are incorporating video conferencing for client meetings, long-distance mediations and even expert witness depositions. If your laptop or desktop doesn’t have a built-in webcam, one affordable solution is the Logitech 720 Webcam Pro 9000.

Portenzo iPad 2 Notebook style case

For some lawyers, holding an iPad can’t replace the joy of carrying a book. For those attorneys, Portenzo offers a handmade iPad case that looks like a book. This week, St. Louis lawyer Spencer E. Farris reviews the Portenzo iPad case for Lawyer Tech Review.

iPhone gadgets for mobile lawyers

For mobile lawyers, keeping devices charged is a challenge. Another issue is that wallets or purses, tech gadgets, keys and briefcases can be cumbersome. This week, Lawyer Tech Review highlights two gadgets that make the life of a tech lawyer easier, a portable AC/USB outlet charger and an iPhone credit card case.

iPad keyboard dock used with iPhone

Even before the session on the paperless law office at the American Bar Association’s Tech Show had begun, the back of the room was already abuzz. The reason? An iPhone docked in an iPad keyboard. Hunter Reece - a Fowler, Ind.-based lawyer with Barce and Reece - found himself the center of attention. Having docked his iPhone into an Apple keyboard that he had purchased with his iPad, he unwittingly created an indispensable tool for a mobile office.

Extra battery for iPhone and iPod

Checking emails, talking on the phone, using apps and searching the Internet are all activities that can quickly drain the power from an iPhone. And sometimes outlets and car chargers aren’t readily available. In this week’s post, we review a portable battery pack from DigiPower that can replenish your iPhone’s power supply.