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Apps for iPad and how the iPad is used in professional environments.

Drop the file folder and pick up the iPad

It used to be that when Indiana lawyer Hunter Reece walked into bankruptcy court or a trustee’s meeting, he was toting eight to 10 files along with him. Not only was it a bulky and inconvenient to flip through stacks of paper, he had to make sure that the folders were never misplaced. About two years ago, though, when Reece bought an iPad, that all changed. He replaced the stack of files with one electronic device. Instead of shuffling through all that paper to find the right pleading, he only had to scroll down a screen.

Presentation on a trial using TrialPad for iPad

The iPad can be used to present documents to a jury. In this blog post, St. Louis personal injury lawyer Spencer E. Farris reviews and compares two iPad trial apps, TrialPad and iAnnotate.

iPad use by lawyers and judges

Lighter than a desktop, more convenient than a smart phone, the iPad is the must-have gadget of choice for some lawyers and judges. A recent review of the Apple tablet by a St. Louis trial lawyer as well as an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch highlight some of the ways lawyers and judges are using the iPad to organize a busy practice and boost productivity.