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Hardware and devices, usually defined as gadgets.

trade iPhone for cash

Gadgets are expensive. The benefits of having the latest iPhone, Android or Blackberry have to be weighed against the cost of acquiring the new device, the time needed to get it set up and the learning curve involved in getting to know a new smart phone. But one trade-in program helps tip the scale towards a purchase.

TouchPad infographic

The HP TouchPad tablet lost the battle against the Apple iPad. But, how good is the HP TouchPad compared to the iPad? We analyze the technical specifications of the TouchPad and the iPad in this infographic, and find out why a discounted TouchPad has become a best-selling tablet PC.


HP TouchPad Tablet for Lawyers

HP TouchPad Tablet

Last week HP announced that it was ditching the TouchPad tablet after a scant 49 days on the market. The price plummeted from $499 to $99, and sales have been on a tear. The HP TouchPad is now one of the hottest-selling products on Amazon. But is it right for your practice?

Logitech Webcam Pro fron tview

The recent announcement that Facebook will be offering Skype as part of its social networking experience is yet another reminder that video conferencing is moving into the mainstream. Lawyers are incorporating video conferencing for client meetings, long-distance mediations and even expert witness depositions. If your laptop or desktop doesn’t have a built-in webcam, one affordable solution is the Logitech 720 Webcam Pro 9000.

Portenzo iPad 2 Notebook style case

For some lawyers, holding an iPad can’t replace the joy of carrying a book. For those attorneys, Portenzo offers a handmade iPad case that looks like a book. This week, St. Louis lawyer Spencer E. Farris reviews the Portenzo iPad case for Lawyer Tech Review.

iPhone gadgets for mobile lawyers

For mobile lawyers, keeping devices charged is a challenge. Another issue is that wallets or purses, tech gadgets, keys and briefcases can be cumbersome. This week, Lawyer Tech Review highlights two gadgets that make the life of a tech lawyer easier, a portable AC/USB outlet charger and an iPhone credit card case.

iAnnotate Review

Traditionally lawyers dictate documents, assistants transcribe and then a hard copy is returned to the lawyer for review. But now an iPad with iAnnotate is reducing the amount of time and paper required for the review-and-revision process.

Drop the file folder and pick up the iPad

It used to be that when Indiana lawyer Hunter Reece walked into bankruptcy court or a trustee’s meeting, he was toting eight to 10 files along with him. Not only was it a bulky and inconvenient to flip through stacks of paper, he had to make sure that the folders were never misplaced. About two years ago, though, when Reece bought an iPad, that all changed. He replaced the stack of files with one electronic device. Instead of shuffling through all that paper to find the right pleading, he only had to scroll down a screen.

iPad keyboard dock used with iPhone

Even before the session on the paperless law office at the American Bar Association’s Tech Show had begun, the back of the room was already abuzz. The reason? An iPhone docked in an iPad keyboard. Hunter Reece - a Fowler, Ind.-based lawyer with Barce and Reece - found himself the center of attention. Having docked his iPhone into an Apple keyboard that he had purchased with his iPad, he unwittingly created an indispensable tool for a mobile office.

Extra battery for iPhone and iPod

Checking emails, talking on the phone, using apps and searching the Internet are all activities that can quickly drain the power from an iPhone. And sometimes outlets and car chargers aren’t readily available. In this week’s post, we review a portable battery pack from DigiPower that can replenish your iPhone’s power supply.

Presentation on a trial using TrialPad for iPad

The iPad can be used to present documents to a jury. In this blog post, St. Louis personal injury lawyer Spencer E. Farris reviews and compares two iPad trial apps, TrialPad and iAnnotate.