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Software programs and full-fledged applications that usually run on computers such as PC or Mac.

Windows Speech Recognition review

Did you know that Windows 7 comes with built-in speech recognition functions by default? With no extra costs, Windows Speech Recognition is definitely worth a try as a productivity tool. Keep reading to find out how you can use these speech recognition features to issue voice commands to your computer, launch applications and dictate texts - and how this free bundled app compares to other standalone, professional speech recognition software.

Sync Bookmarks in Google Chrome

When it comes to making the most productive use of one’s time in front of a computer screen, the bookmark is one of a busy lawyer’s best friends. This oft-used tool makes information retrieval easier - but when your bookmarks aren’t available because you’re not using your usual computer or working with an unfamiliar browser, you miss them. Google Chrome offers a free way to store and sync your bookmarks across browsers that can be accessed from any computer. This week, Lawyer Tech Review explains how to store and sync bookmarks in a Google account.

Repetitive stress injury

We spend our days - and sometimes our nights - at our computers. What many consider a physically undemanding activity can result in repetitive stress injury, but fortunately there's an app designed to help prevent them. This week we review Workrave, a program that monitors your activity and proposes easy exercises and breaks to help ensure that you stay healthy at work.

iAnnotate Review

Traditionally lawyers dictate documents, assistants transcribe and then a hard copy is returned to the lawyer for review. But now an iPad with iAnnotate is reducing the amount of time and paper required for the review-and-revision process.

Advanced Outlook tips part 2

Although the newest smartphone apps and the latest gadgets, such as the iPad, can boost productivity, lawyers should also review the technology they already have in place to see whether there are features they’ve been missing. This week, Kansas City lawyer Zach Bickel shares three tips that will help you get the most from Outlook.

Google Scholar legal search

For many years, legal research has often meant choosing between tedium in a musty library or paying for computerized research. But Google Scholar, a free legal research tool, offers lawyers a third way. If you haven’t tried Google Scholar, you will be surprised at what you find. Here are some quick tips on how to use Google Scholar to boost the efficiency of your legal research.

Access screen through GoToMyPC

Ever wake up in the middle of the night and wonder whether you need to be in court the next day? Or perhaps, while on vacation, you’ve received a phone call from opposing counsel and needed to contact your client but didn’t have the phone number, and the office was closed? Remote access is one solution to these problems. One popular remote access service is GoToMyPC. In this Lawyer Tech Review post, we highlight the benefits and drawbacks of GoToMyPC for lawyers. Read more.

Lawyer tech review screenshot software

Law firm websites and legal blogs can be used to communicate important information and answer frequently asked questions. It’s important to remember, though, that limiting your information to text may quickly bore a visitor or cause that person to leave the site altogether. Screenshots can help present the information you need to communicate in a visually appealing way and break up "walls" of text. This week, Lawyer Tech Review highlights two screen-grab tools you can use to capture Web pages: Awesome Screenshot and, for Windows 7 and Vista users, the Snipping Tool.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 boxed edition

Email management is essential for lawyers - and Microsoft Outlook can be a valuable tool in that respect. Lawyer J. Zachary Bickel highlights three often-overlooked features of Outlook to help attorneys organize their practices and track information. Read on to learn how to filter your emails, how to automatically copy your sent emails and how to issue meeting invites using Outlook.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal 11 Cover

In February we highlighted Dragon Naturally Speaking’s speech recognition software, Premium Version 11. That version, aimed at lawyers and nonlawyers alike, received rave reviews. Dragon also offers speech recognition software designed especially for lawyers, Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal Version 11. Although Dragon Legal is more expensive, its added features could translate into lower labor overhead for a firm. In this blog post, LTR highlights four advantages Dragon Legal offers to attorneys and law firms.

Contact capture address

Contact Capture is a way to quickly extract contact information from e-mails, websites and electronic documents, including Word and PDF files, and export it into a variety of database applications such as Outlook, Excel and ACT. But is it a timesaver? Read more to learn about one lawyer’s experience using a free trial of Contact Capture to move information into his Outlook address book.