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Software programs and full-fledged applications that usually run on computers such as PC or Mac.

Skype videoconfereces logo

Videoconferencing through the use of Skype has been embraced by teens as a way to stay connected with friends. Grandparents have discovered the merits of Skype as a way to bond with grandchildren. But what about lawyers? Is there a use for Skype at work? Lawyer Tech Review posed that question recently and the answer was a resounding yes. Read more to find out how Skype can be cost effective for the client and boost productivity in the law firm.

Dragon speech recognition software

No doubt even back in the days when attorneys dipped quills into ink and scratched out documents by candlelight, they dreamed of having the ability to simply utter legalese and have it magically appear in writing. Today, though, there’s speech recognition software, including Dragon Naturally Speaking, which promises to do something similar. In this post, a lawyer, blogger and veteran Dragon user shares his tips for getting the most from this speech recognition software.