App Friday: Gavin Ward’s Favorite Apps

Portrait of Gavin Ward, Lawyer

Gavin Ward is a nonpracticing solicitor and owner of WardblawG Consulting, a social media and SEO service firm catering to the legal profession based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland. Ward works with LawWare Ltd., an Edinburgh-based company that provides law practice management advice to about 180 law firms in Scotland, as well as a secure type of cloud computing known as LawCloud. He also works with Glasgow-based company Moore Legal Technology.

Ward is also a blogger. His site,, designed for businesses, lawyers, law firms and law students, presents the most current legal news and helpful social media tips. The site also allows other lawyers and marketers to showcase their legal skills in a section titled YoublawG.

In this week’s App Friday, Ward tells us about some of his favorite apps.


BlackBerry Curve 9300

Apps for work

One of Ward’s favorite work apps, UberTwitter, was recently banned by Twitter but has been reincarnated as UberSocial. He also uses the official Twitter for BlackBerry app. Although the app isn’t “ahead of the game” when it comes to Twitter apps and does have a tendency to stall, Ward says, he still manages to keep up with his contacts across multiple Twitter accounts, including @GavWard.

Ward shares this tip for getting the most from your Twitter app: “It’s best to have the font set to a small size — for example, 6-point —to read as many tweets at once as possible. I am certain that I have increased my reading speed by using the app this way.”

Apps for fun

Ward enjoys keeping up with the news, and one of his favorite tools in that regard is, an app that allows users to organize links shared on Facebook and Twitter and turn them into a readable automated magazine. He currently publishes eight dailies, which are mainly aggregations of tweeted links concerning relevant legal keywords.

Now it’s your turn. Contact us to share your favorite iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry apps.